Always in Stock® Rental

Choosing a company to store, maintain and manage your exhibit is as important as selecting a company to build it. The fast-paced trade show industry is unforgiving. Mistakes discovered at the show are usually too late to correct. That is why an organized and dedicated Exhibit Management provider is essential. ExpoDisplays offers a state-of-the-art Exhibit Management program to ensure that your Always in Stock Rental experience goes smoothly.

Always in Stock Rental

Works for ALL Shows

From 10′ x 10′ to 100′ x 100′ or larger space; from inline to peninsula to island configurations, MultiQuad® works beautifully. The same components are always used. Since MultiQuad® can be finished on all sides, there is never a problem converting an inline to an island.

Designs That You Want

No need to sort through outdated rental designs hoping to find something that you like. With MultiQuad®, your exhibit can be as fresh as your ideas. Our professional in-house Design Department will create the perfect MultiQuad® solution for any show.

Always in Stock Rental

Great Selection

Choose from our selection of Always in Stock Rental Quads® to form the basis of your design. Choices include white, black and other select colors plus a good selection of beautiful wood grain Quads®. You can purchase Quads® of most any color and style imaginable.

Recent Always in Stock™ Rentals

Rental Quad® Inventory



PMS Cool Gray 3

PMS 186

PMS Reflex Blue

PMS 376 Green

PMS 109 Yellow

Dark Oak


Light Cherry


Light Maple

Natural Maple

Red Mahogany