MultiQuad Modular Exhibits

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Simple Components

MultiQuad® is a portable exhibit system composed of interchangeable frames and Quads. This lightweight, versatile system allows multiple configurations to be created from one exhibit. By utilizing the interchangeable components of MultiQuad you can literally create and recreate dozens of different exhibits displaying different graphics and messages. MultiQuad is a marketers dream come true!

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Explore in Depth

We realize that finding the perfect exhibit can sometimes feel like an impossibility. Developing MultiQuad was our way of proving that it isn’t impossible. We invite you to take a closer look at MultiQuad and decide for yourself if this could indeed be the perfect portable trade show exhibit for you!

Change your Message

By giving you the freedom to change messages and images quickly, you have the ability to respond to market demands in a timely fashion. The best part is that each Quad® easily attaches to the frame with magnets! This allows you to change out quads on the show floor with no tools required.

Easy Assembly
modular exhibits

MultiQuad® utilizes a foolproof labeling system with all parts color coded & numbered.

modular exhibits

Simply connect where two numbers match with our exclusive Build by Number Assembly System™.

Build with thumbscrews.
No tools required!

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Multiquad offers an array of accessories and components that ensure this system is one of the most diverse display systems on the market. By designing a display with components such as podiums, shelves, showcases, canopies, counters and locking storage, you are sure to have everything that you could possibly want and need in a trade show exhibit.

Taking Messaging to New Heights

MultiQuad offers you both towers and bridges which give exhibitors the ability to create lightweight exhibits with heights and widths up to 16 feet. Utilizing a MultiQuad Tower and bridges is not only an innovative and attractive exhibit option; it is a smart move, helping to eliminate the cost and trouble of traditional hanging signs!


Each MultiQuad Tower can be arranged in a variety of widths, depths and configurations to meet any size booth space, need or budget.


Each MultiQuad Tower can be arranged in a variety of widths, depths and configurations to meet any size booth space, need or budget.

One Purchase. Endless Possibilities.
Buy one MultiQuad® configuration and you can use the same components to create dozens of other exhibits.
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Utilize the My Designer tool to have your brand come to life on one of our pre-designed kits created by one of our professional and highly qualified designers.
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